KiddyCalc for the iPhone and iPad

KiddieCalc is an interactive, talking calculator. Great for kids and adults alike.

Learn how to use a calculator as you hear numbers and functions. Every item on KiddieCalc will make a sound to entertain and delight.

Customize the keypad; choose from numbers, words, cars or fish. Hear the car honk, listen to the fish bubble, or enjoy a fun boing or pong.

KiddieCalc is a fully functional calculator.  It even tells you that you can't divide by zero.

KiddieCalc will provide entertainment for any age while learning to use a calculator, or while just using it for everyday calculating needs.

Count by tapping the talking, spinning icons for numbers 1-10.

Say numbers up to the thousands by hearing the numbers as they are tapped.

Spell numbers by putting words on the keypad.

Learn function keys are they are spoken when tapped.

Add, subtract, multiply and divide by seeing and hearing the results.


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